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"Say Yes To Local Businesses Supporting Drug-Free Neighborhoods"

Say Yes! was formed to promote drug and crime-free communities in a positive manner. This opportunity allows local businesses to be part of a positive drug and crime-free promotion, identifying themselves as positive local community members. When each community promotes safety and the importance of staying drug-free, it forms the basis of a nationwide economic improvement.

The Say Yes! website is for the purpose of promoting more positive influences and environments in all our communities, one establishment at a time. Is your establishment connected with your local community and consumers? If not, get connected! Place your business card in our local Directory for as low as $125 per year! Join local businesses that are supporting each other and getting support from local consumers.

Your membership includes:

  • Free Say Yes! poster.
  • Your business card linked to your web site.
  • Click on your card, it enlarges or turns into a larger, colorful ad.
  • Show discounts, click for coupons, or/and savings & specials.
  • English, Spanish or your native language.


Additional Options:

  • Inquire about a sponsorship ad! Sponsorship ads offer more size options, and are prominently displayed at the top of a page!
  • Google Maps - Display a Google Map window on your landing page so that customers can find you!
  • QR Codes available! (140 characters)
  • Tell your story about you, the history of your establishment, or share a story of how you or your business contributes to the community.
  • Additional images, Slide shows, Before & After pictures.

Contact Us:

Say Yes! Drug-Free Neighborhoods
1535 E. Olive Ave. Suite B
Fresno, CA 93728
Español: 559.917.8407